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What is a Four-wheel drive?

The driveline of your 4x4 vehicle couples the transmission to the rear differential; it basically provides power to the rear wheels. The driveline has different parts to it like driveshaft, axles, wheels, differentials, and joints, all these parts and components come together to make the drive train. The care and repairs are essential for a vehicle, especially for 4x4 ones. The condition of the driveline can become poor with time due to damages, rusting, breakage or wear & tear of any of the parts of the drivetrain.

What does a 4x4 driveline service consist of?

The driveline service is important if your vehicle shudders when you step on the gas or if you hear loud noises then you may need a repair of your vehicle’s driveline. There can be various issues with the driveline, the joints need to be checked or there might be leakages or cracks in the housing.

There can be wear and tear can also be because of the absence of the driveline fluid; the driveline fluid keeps the components of the driveline lubricated but the fluid can end because of heat. In the absence of the fluid the components become moisturized and exposed to heat which causes damage to them. It is important that you get the driveline serviced before and after any heavy-duty work of your vehicle.

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