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Experience the best car service, only at Brampton Chrysler

We at Brampton Chrysler understand how much your beloved car means to you and that is why we make sure that your vehicle receives the best service when you bring it to us, every single time. Whether it is tire rotation, an oil change, or any other vehicle service, at Brampton Chrysler, your beloved car is checked thoroughly for any new product updates or any worn components and is fixed right the very first time you visit us. Avoid the unnecessary hassle and unreliable services at unknown garages. Bring your car to Brampton Chrysler for the most genuine service by certified experts and technicians.

Brampton Chrysler is a proud member of the Rafih Auto Group that has some of the best inventories of new and used cars and service facilities across Canada and the USA.


Parts and Service Videos

Watch these videos to know how at Brampton Chrysler we take care of your car with all the parts and services it needs such as changing and rotating tires, alignment of wheels, cleaning and replacing the brakes, replacement of the exhausted battery, changing spark plugs and ignition wires at the right interval, and more:

Tires & Wheels: When you bring your vehicle to us, our expert technicians examine it carefully and make sure to equip it with only the best-optimized tires and wheels.

Brakes: At Brampton Chrysler, your car is fixed with only Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) brake pads or shoes that ensure that the performance and reliability of the vehicle's braking system remain the best.

Battery: The expert technicians at Brampton Chrysler test your car’s battery during a regular maintenance service and suggest a replacement if necessary, to avoid any unexpected inconvenience caused by a weakened or exhausted battery.

Spark Plugs & Ignition Wires: Spark plugs and ignition wires play a pivotal role in maintaining the efficiency and performance of your vehicle and keep it running smoothly. That is why it is important to replace them at the right time to avoid any issues with emissions or fuel economy.

Brampton Chrysler Service Facilities: At Brampton Chrysler, we have several amenities available for you to make your vehicle servicing easy, comfortable, and relaxing, such as shuttle service, valet service, complimentary car wash, and many more.

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Importance of Battery Replacement

The battery is the part of the vehicle that supplies power to the engine. Without it, your car is stuck. Typically, a car battery lasts for 3-5 years. When you begin having problems starting your car, attempt to compensate for the lower battery quality.

How to know if your battery needs a replacement?

A major sign is the indicator light. But other things would be difficult to observe properly such as general sluggishness. If your engine is not getting the speed you normally expect, checking the battery is a good first step. Also, looking at the battery itself, three key things to look for are - bloat, corrosion, and stink.


The Importance of Brake Service Maintenance

The brakes of your vehicle are one of the most important components, and you can not drive safely without them. It is important that you get your brakes of your car checked every 20,000 kilometers.

What do we cover when we check your brake at Brampton Chrysler? Brake fluid is checked along with the brake pads. During the brake service. wear and tear of the brakes are checked, the grooves on the brake rotors and the drums are also inspected along with the e-brake. Once the inspection is done, the mechanic will give you recommendation along with other brake services needed, such as replacement of the pads, replacement or resurfacing of the brake rotors, or drums.


6 Signs You Need to Replace Your Spark Plugs

Efficiency and performance of your vehicle has a lot to do with keeping it in good running order. Parts like spark plugs and ignition wires have to do with that. Over time, spark plugs tend to wear out, causing issues of the emissions, fuel economy, and can also cause damage of components of the vehicle's catalytic converter and oxygen sensors.

At Brampton Chrysler, we take care of spark plug issues and replacement in the best way possible.

Advantages of a Wheel Alignment

Vehicle suspension can wear with age and repeated heavy use. Rough roads, surfaces, and occasional potholes change a vehicle's wheel alignment. A wheel alignment can improve the steering control and the overall vehicle handling. It can also prevent tire wear.

A wheel alignment is necessary every time the car's suspension needs to be replaced as the condition of the suspensions can impact the wheel alignment significantly. Ignoring it can lead to pre-mature tire wear and can reduce the overall vehicle comfort and safety.